BPM: An Emotional Deep Dive into the Real You

It turns out that the BPM (Brand, Presence and Monetisation) process is a very emotional experience for some people, as it has been fit each of the leadership team too.  

When Chris Windley penned the BPM process he didn’t really anticipate the level of emotional deep dive that our mentors and ambassadors would go through.  However, when you think about it, finding out who and what you are after many years is a very emotional experience.  More so, finding out that you have not actually been who and what you are for many many years.

When you leave a job that you never wanted to be in it feels like 10,000 tons has been lifted off your shoulders. Do you know that feeling?  When you find out who you are, what drives you, what you are really passionate about, what you really believe in, what your “One Intention” is , what your true WHY is … it is also a massive, massive relief.

It resembles the Harry Potter stairs all moving until they all align in a new stairway to the stars and thud into place.

It is a connection to the natural vibrations of the Earth and Universe. (Getting in your flow or flame).

It is a silent cry of relief so loud that everyone around you is hit with the shock wave of your awakening and reality that they begin to question what has happened to you! 

We often say to people that you start to Monetise even before you have completed your Brand and Presence. The fact is that the MOMENT you find out who you are and HOW you are going to portray this new self to others you start sending out a massive energy wave to them.  They turn and look at you and say silently … WOW !!! What happened to you ? You look and feel FANTASTIC.  I LOVE YOUR (NEW) ENERGY.

So the B.P.M. process comes with a WARNING – In all likelihood it will be EMOTIONAL for you and US (or your BPM Mentor).



BPM Mentor Menna Kendall: Top 5 Branding Expert on Twitter

It’s a proud day for The Branding Initiative, for Menna Kendall and for Wales (Land of the Dragons) when Evan Carmichael announces his Top 100 Branding Experts to follow on twitter list and one of our Brand, Presence and Monetisation Mentors comes in at 4th on the list!! 

Part of the plan was to show that “anyone, anywhere” can create a strong brand and online presence and this listing is clear evidence of that.

In addition, Menna had limited resources in terms of money and technology – in terms of Internet connectivity and of available devices.

Whilst there is no doubt that following the B.P.M. process has been vital, it is her determination and focus that has achieved this result.  Menna’s main social media platform has been twitter. She has grown her following on this account to 14,000 plus followers. In itself this is a major achievement.

However, the main thing that she did – after much deliberation and thinking was to focus on herself as “Menna Kenndall” Personal Brand.

Can an unknown person from the valleys of South Wales build a personal brand?  The answer is that anyone can build a personal brand if they follow the process and are determined enough.

If you Google “Menna Kenndall” now you will see that she dominates search for that name (her name). The images are hers (and there was quite a time when she was reluctant to have images of herself online) and the results are hers.  It was her initiative to “pin” one of the Brand, Presence and Monetisation Linkedin articles to the top of her twitter feed.

This has resulted in some 40 likes (hearts) and 100 shares of the post. This and the fact that she has been finding, curating and posting Personal Brand related articles will no doubt have helped her achieve her ranking.

Anything is possible if you put your mind to it and Menna put her mind to being a B.P.M. Mentor and has worked really hard at it. This is only the first of many achievements to come from Menna.  Please join us in congratulating her.


5 Reasons Why Female Entrepreneurs Get the Job Done

Melanie Jones, KellyAnn Schiavo, Millie Cooper
When it comes to female entrepreneurship, women are coming into their own and the gap between male and female owned businesses is closing in.  The Women’s Business Council, set up by the UK government in 2012 to advise on how the contribution of women to economic growth can be optimised, claims that “Britain has been ranked as the best place in Europe for female entrepreneurs”.

The Women’s Business Council identified that if women were setting up and running new businesses at the same rate as men, there could be one million more female entrepreneurs shaping their own lives and careers.

The world is turning to women to be the new thought leaders – and we are definitely up for the challenge! Whilst women generally are seen to be over analytical, emotional and not as business-minded as male counterparts, we ladies at The Branding Initiative came up with 5 reasons why female entrepreneurs are kicking some ass and getting things done!


This past weekend the ladies at The Branding Initiative met for a business breakfast, in London, over looking Tower Bridge, with the sun shining and creative juices flowing.  We each have our stories, our own passions and visions but we got heads together to plan the future of our business. Here are our 5 reasons why female entrepreneurs are getting the job done:

1 Collaboration

Women, for the most part, are team players.  We nurture, support and protect and we enjoy the company of others.  It makes sense therefore to network and collaborate.  At The Branding Initiative we collaborate with lots of other business owners of varying skill sets.  Why is it good to collaborate? Are those other companies not stealing our clients? No. Joint Venturing with similar companies in your niché means that you grow your audience whilst helping the opposing company to grow theirs – its mutually beneficial. Collaborate where you can add value, however, you’re only as successful as your reputation after all!

2 Culture Cultivation

Having already held careers in corporate institutions, The Branding Initiative women are a forced to be reckoned with! Like many other female entrepreneurs, we decided we wanted something then set out to get it.  Not satisfied with conforming to a structured office culture, we have carved out a culture of our own.  KellyAnn is no longer conducting banking calls to Australia at 5am and chooses to work until the wee hours on creating The Branding Initiative’s BPM Programs and TBI Live events.  Melanie is running The Branding Initiative alongside her own, already established PR company and whilst also managing the TBI Sponsor relationships.  Millie continues to work on her art and is growing the readership for MilliOnAir magazine.

Working for yourself requires dedication; to dress up, show up and never give up.  Female entrepreneurs, unlike most of their male counterparts, juggle building a business with building a family, building a home, building hobbies and building a life.  Cultivating a working culture that suits those needs is crucial.

3 Intuition

It’s not called “women’s intuition” for no reason.  Women only need to look at a person to size them up in those first few seconds – this is invaluable when meeting clients or at networking events.  A woman’s gut instinct is often the deciding factor of whether she likes your business, your ideas, your ethics and ultimately, whether she likes you!

Compared to male counterparts who lead with their heads, women all too often lead with their hearts.  When a women says “I have a feeling”, there has to be an element of emotion and empathy involved.  In today’s business environment you need the ability to quickly weigh up who are your allies and who are your enemies – one thing is for sure, a women’s intuition is never wrong!

4 Social Networking

Women love to talk, right? Social networking is an ideal opportunity for female entrepreneurs to fluff up the peacock feathers and mingle!  Networking events for business minded people are popping up all over the place with a huge majority of them focused and geared towards women.  Women are natural networkers and great at building relationships.  With new social media tools like Snapchat, Instagram and You Tube ads, women have an even larger global stage on which to perform! Business and lifestyle, its all for the taking and women are ready to talk about it…everywhere!

5 Tenacity

The majority of successful female entrepreneurs are so because they started out with a purpose and they stuck to it.  Women have the ability to emotionally connect to the reason why they’re doing something, why they’re cranking up the laptop at 2am because that’s the quietest time of the day to work, why they no longer count Saturday and Sunday as a weekend but just another day because no matter what day it is, a business women works her purpose!

Women are problem solvers and survivors and focus more on mitigating risk rather than sailing through it.  Women tap into their physical and mental strength to hold down several commitments, why do you think women are known to be the best multitaskers?

Entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint hearted and whilst most female owned business start ups close in their first year, the percentages of businesses owned or run by women is rapidly rising.  Whilst Deloitte confirms a 40% increase in female owned businesses from 2011 to 2015, contributing £85billion to the UK economy, it equates to a surprising 20% of total start ups! However, with more and more women jumping the 9-5 ship to set up on their own, Deloitte forecast that by simply increasing these numbers by 10%, women-led businesses could be contributing as much as £180billion to the UK economy by 2025!

As The Branding Initiative approaches it’s first year anniversary, it’s time to get heads down for the hard work in preparation for the year ahead.  As they say, never get in the way of three women on a mission!

To find out more about The Branding Initiative, contact us here and remember to follow, like and share our social media – we like nothing better than to share the love!




How to Create the Mindset of a Champion



The Branding Initiative has been extremely fortunate to be able to work with  Dave O’Connor over the last year and on Saturday 11th June we were delighted to be invited back for another amazing day of digital marketing work at his sold out event at Cheltenham Racecourse.


This 1-day action-packed fun-filled workshop with Dave O’Connor, Carla Rieger and special guest Natalie Healey takes you to the next level of belief and confidence in your business. This high level training has helped so many leaders within the Network Marketing Industry rise to their greatness and create a business and life they love. There’s nothing quite like the energy of being at this LIVE seminar to shatter your limits, revolutionise your mindset and create massive breakthroughs you never dreamed you could make.



Having an exciting vision for your business is so much more than just an idea in your mind. It’s a profound message of who you are and where you’re going in life. It’s a stepping stone to your ultimate potential. The achievement of your vision and the significant goals leading up to it, is a demonstration of your courage, conviction and commitment. It’s also a demonstration of your perseverance, personal power, and purpose. Yet, 98% of people never achieve their biggest goals and ultimate vision. Unfortunately it’s true what they say – most people spend more time planning their holidays than planning their life!

For over 18 years Dave O’Connor has assisted thousands of individuals to achieve superior levels of performance in life. Dave specialises in assisting people to make rapid and long-lasting change and is a leading results coach for individuals and organisations that want to accelerate their progress and produce breakthrough results.

Carla Rieger connects people to their creative purpose as change activists in their communities, businesses and organisations.

She began her career with an innovative team building company in the US in 1988 called Playfair, Inc. Since then she has spoken to over 1500 groups internationally of up to 4000 people. In 1991 she became the director of The Artistry of Change, a firm that specialises in awakening creative potentials in people so that they can be innovative, high integrity communicators.

On the artistic side she has performed in dozens of plays and musicals, written seven plays, a screenplay and a novel. Her speciality has been theatrical improvisation and Carla has over 65 online learning programs, as well as over 100 articles that have appeared in a wide variety of journalson the topic of presenting.


Natalie Heeley  is one of the top Network Distributors in the UK today. She has built a multi-million pound business within five years that delivers everything she wants in terms of lifestyle, income and future financial security.

Natalie says “I’m not sure that luck has played a very big role in my success. Hard work and application certainly have. I don’t have all the answers, nor do I have a magic wand or a fairy godmother to smooth the way. What I do have to offer you is MY STORY. You will see that I am not superwoman. I am not extraordinary. Everything I have done can be replicated. I am a normal woman – daughter, sister, mother, partner, and friend. If I can do it then so can you“.

If you want to take massive action in changing your mindset, we highly recommend Dave’s FREE webinar’s that you can access here as well as his latest book that’s packed with interactive exercises to help you push your goals forward.


The ladies at The Branding Initiative, Millie cooper, co-founder, and Terri Duke, BPM Ambassador, would like to express huge thanks to Dave and Carla for always making us welcome at all their events.  For more information about Dave O’Connor, please contact Naomi.

For more information on The Branding Initiative, our services or our programs, please contact us here.

Bentley Birmingham Leads the Way in Attracting Female Entrepreneurs

Untitled design (2)

Over the last few months, The Branding Initiative, has been extremely fortunate to be able to work with Bentley Birmingham and on Friday evening we were delighted to attend the Bentley Fashion event for Female Entrepreneurs.

Bentley Birmingham are leading the way amongst the luxury car industry in realising that the female empowerment movement represents women, globally, not only fighting for places on corporate boards but also in carving their own nichés as entrepreneurial superstars! And let me tell you, at the Bentley Birmingham ladies event, organised by Chameli Chowdhury, we met a fair few female entrepreneurs that are, for want of a better phrase, kicking ass!

We were introduced to Bentley Birmingham Used Care Sales Manager, Chris Gretton by Julia Suzuki, children’s author and owner of international children’s party company, Story Parties.  Julia, being a female entrepreneur herself, saw a huge opportunity in having The Branding Initiative ladies at the event to monopolise on digital representation.  We were able to like, share and comment with our social media networks and achieve a global reach of just under a million!  What does that mean? It means that we were able to digitally showcase the event, the showroom, the cars and the speakers to interested luxury networks around the world.  With only 20 Bentley dealerships across the UK and 4 of them managed by Sytner, Bentley Birmingham is  switched on to what it means to use affiliate, attraction and digital marketing to increase exposure to the brand and broaden their client base, leading to increased interest and sales from the female market.  I mean, what other luxury car brand is so in tune with women in business that they showcase luxury shoes and handbags to match the car?! Untitled design (3)

Meet “Purple Rain”, the stunning Bentley that comes with bespoke hand made shoes designed and crafted by Kate Spence.  Kate designed for and managed the Jimmy Choo brand for seven years before establishing her own luxury couture footwear brand for women in 2012.

What we were pleased to see was that Bentley had chosen to sponsor a charity for the event. Impressed by not only their attention to the female market but also by their emotional and humanitarian approach to business.  To see the NSPCC logo right up there with the luxury brands was fabulous!


We were delighted to meet Jenny Lee Holt at the event, a huge supporter of The Branding Initiative and fellow female entrepreneur and Director of Spectrum Telecoms.  Together we browsed the cars, fashion and diamonds.  Luxury bespoke jeweller S.P Green of Birmingham showcased some stunning pieces at the event and we had our beady eyes on a beautiful diamond and sapphire piece – blue and white to match our logo of course!  What better way to spend a Friday evening?!

Bentley Birmingham set out to provide an evening of “Ruinart champagne and inspirational names from the worlds of luxury style and fashion”  and they didn’t disappoint, especially with keynote from catwalk designer Alice Temperley of Temperley London.  CEO of Fashions Finest Magazine, Deborah St Louis, was keen to listen to the Temperley talk, given her connections to London Fashion Week with Fashions Finest being the second largest off schedule event organiser for LFW.

Throughout the summer Bentley Birmingham are exploring what inspires people and how that inspiration becomes a luxury item and creating something exquisite that perfectly balances form and function.  Female entrepreneurs are the perfect target market to add huge value to that.  What inspires us? What drives us? We’ll be interested to see what Bentley Birmingham come up with.  With more events lined up like that of Friday night, we have no doubt that this is going to be an interesting summer for Bentley!

Bentley: “Your Passport to an Extraordinary World”

Untitled design (4)

The ladies at The Branding Initiative would like to express huge thanks to Bentley Birmingham for the invitation.  We look forward to working with you more over the coming months.

For more information about Bentley cars, please contact Chris Gretton.

For more information on The Branding Initiative, our services or our programs, please contact us here.






Women in Business Radio: What NOT to do with your Personal Branding


Last month, our Co-founder and Lead BPM Mentor, KellyAnn Schiavo, was invited to speak on Women in Business Radio.

KellyAnn met WIBR owner and broadcaster, Sian Murphy, at a social media event she had attended some weeks ago and the two chatted over a coffee.  With KellyAnn being an ex-Compliance Officer in Investment Banking, Blogger and co-founder of The Branding Initiative, she certainly is a ‘women in business’ so Sian invited KellyAnn into the station to do an interview.

“We’re going live right now! My special guest today is @KellyAnn Schiavo and we’re talking about branding. I think branding is one of the most misunderstood and complex issues when it comes to your business, marketing, customer focus – the whole enchilada really and that’s why I’m so pleased to welcome KellyAnn to the show.  Not only is she the Co-founder of the Branding Initiative, but she’s also an Ambassador for Women In Business – so we really are knocking down all of the coconuts on this week’s show”

KellyAnn arrived, slightly nervously, at Channel Radio in Kent where Sian broadcasts for WIBR and was instantly made to feel comfortable and welcome.  After Sian had briefed on the run of show, KellyAnn entered the studio to don the headphones and take the mic!

The theme of the interview was personal branding and what NOT to do.  Having started her own personal branding, and the foundation on which The Branding Initiative is built, KellyAnn was well equipped to provide some insight.

Here are her top 3 tips on what NOT to do when starting out on your personal branding quest:

“Social Media Profiles

A lot of people have this great idea about branding themselves and start throwing images around social media like confetti! Don’t do that! The profile picture on your social media has to represent the real you.  It has to show people who you are and give them an insight into your life in one image.

You can achieve this by not wearing sunglasses, hats, clown wigs and the like.  It doesn’t have to be a professionally shot photo, my own is a selfie, taken with my iPhone as I was rushing out the door to a friend’s BBQ!  What’s good about it are the eyes, looking directly at the camera and engaging with the audience. There is also a smile -lets face it, nobody wants to engage with someone who looks like they’ve got a season ticket to the Samaritans.

Your picture needs to be clear, not too much back ground noise and clearly shows YOU, your face and your smile.  Use that same picture across ALL of you social media sites and don’t change it.  People will connect to you via that picture, if you keep changing it, your audience won’t build rapport.

The same goes for the bio.  Be consistent and have all of your social media say the same thing!

Network WITHIN your niché

Personal Branding is as important offline as it is on. What you are doing by having a personal brand is sending out an image.  The image is of you, your values, your capabilities and your vision.  Your audience will, eventually, connect to you because of this.

It is really important when networking to think about your tribe.  Think about the people you want to connect with, work with, who you want to buy from you.  Then, go find them and hang out with them – build relationships and grow those relationships.

If you’re business is in the health food industry, you might not want to be networking with people who sell fast food!

Don’t LIE!

It sounds like a cliché when we say, just be YOU, be authentic.  It’s true.  You have no need to create a fake social media existence. People will see right through it. If you don’t actually have croissants and steaming hot coffee served on a gold napkin everyday for breaksfast then don’t show that as a ‘normal’ routine.

Authenticity, in my opinion, will never be a 100% reflection of the real you – I mean, I do sit around in my joggers with no make up and my hair tied back but is that the image I want the world to know me for? Probably not.  Therefore my social media profiles reflect the ‘working’ me, not all of the ‘livin’ me and that’s as authentic as it will get.  However, what you see is real true to who am, what I do and what I believe in.

Your personal brand has to reflect WHO you are and WHAT you stand for – no gimicks, no bull&%t!  That said, you don’t need to show everything; if you’re uncomfortable showing images of yourself lounging about the house in joggers, then don’t do it.  People want to see you happy.  They want to see you enjoying your lifestyle – they don’t want to see staged photo’s from an Instagram feed or an endless stream of quotes.  They want to see YOU – so be YOU.  Don’t lie.”

KellyAnn had a great time on the show and will be working with Sian more in the near future.

You can listen to a recording of the show here (click on the grey button and navigate for equally insightful shows on WIBR).


If you would like to know more about how to start your own personal branding journey, please join The Branding Initiative Community FB Group where you’ll find lots of helpful advice as well as a really cool bunch of people to hang out with!

Feeling the Pressure as a Female Entrepreneur


I had been avoiding using Linked In as a social media tool for a while but last week I published this article and was overwhelmed by the response! Goes to show that female empowerment is in the spotlight, and we’re shining the light right on it!:

“There’s huge noise around female entrepreneurship at the moment with Government grant schemes, Virgin Voom Awards and a plethora of stuff being thrown at women to help them up their game.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for it. I’m a female entrepreneur myself and for the most part, so is the majority of my client base.  The choice to leave an employer and go it alone for me was an easy one but it put pressure on me to prove a point.  I HAD to make it work because I knew I could.  If I wasn’t “working” until midnight, because that’s what entrepreneurs do right?, then it would never work! If I didn’t increase my followers, then lose them, then increase them again… oooh the stress of it all!

Women have a tendency to put pressure on themselves, to set the bar a bit too high, at first.  We are born survivors, care givers and nurturers.  We can be easily distracted to do for others and in turn neglect ourselves.  This is true in life and in business.  The pressure to be seen doing it all and having it all whilst looking hot and not like you’re not sat at home in your joggers with coffee stains down your t-shirt (which I mostly am) is quite fierce.

But there comes a point when the merriment of quitting the day job and the reality that you’re not going to be a billionaires by next Friday kicks in.  It’s at this point that we take the reigns and say “hold on a darn minute here, this is not what I intended to do!”.

What female entrepreneurs are good at, GREAT at, is reflection; reflecting on the bigger picture, analysing the detail and taking massive action to make those plans and dreams happen!  We are EXCELLENT listeners, we hear our audience and respond to their needs before the problem has even been disclosed.  We are realists, we’re honest, we’re relationship builders.  Every client I have worked with to build their personal brand attracts an audience because they are connected to themselves first.  They know who they are, what they represent and what their direction is – this is not the case when we first meet of course! I’m able to take that pressure off and help them slow down the pace. It’s astonishing how much more productive a person can be when they realise there’s no need to race against themselves.

Female entrepreneurship is huge because the world realises we no longer need to be in a 9-5.  We no longer need to be just at home or just a mum.  Women are waking up to the fact they have skills to create niche’s for themselves to live the lifestyle’s they pictured as children.  There’s an emotional attachment for women in making that picture a reality, less so with male entrepreneurs I think.

If you’re a female entrepreneur and you’re feeling the pressure, my advice to you would be this; slow down. You’re not in a race.  Who cares if you don’t have your own Necker Island this year? Take a look at what is working for you and what isn’t, then drop the stuff that isn’t.  Stop competing with yourself.  Do it properly.  Build it

properly.  Work it properly.  Find people that can help you because there are lots out there willing.  Focus on that vision you started with and realign your strengths.

Women in business is my absolute passion.  I grew up on a council estate in Liverpool with no siblings and only my mum.  I’ve worked hard – at EVERYTHING!  I’m proud of what I’ve achieved and I’m even prouder to help others do the same.  I am a mentor out of choice, because I want and can help other female entrepreneurs drop the pressure and up their game, just like I did!

Excite.  Educate. Empower.  Ladies, we’ve got this!”

Written by KellyAnn Schiavo and published on Linked In


MilliOnAir Goes Global in 24 Hours!


It is with huge excitement that we share news on one of The Branding Initiative’s co-founder’s, Millie Cooper, latest adventure.

Millie was recently flying back from Thailand when her creative passion took over and within hours her first magazine, MilliOnAir,  was born and in only 24 hours of it’s launch, has gone GLOBAL to rave reviews!

This first emagazine introduces the other co-founders, Kelly Ann Schiavo and Melanie MJ Jones as well as some key inspirational people that are part of or related to The Branding Initiative.

Where do the luxury brands come in ????? Well, all of the co-founders and many of the members of The Branding Initiative have worked with or for luxury brands. They have very high standards in terms of the brands that they will work with, working only with high quality, natural, meaningful brands – typically with an inspirational founder or founding story.

So no real surprise that you see Rolls Royce mentioned alongside – for example, Gold Royale Group.

It is also no surprise that the 2nd biggest off schedule show in London Fashion Week is mentioned along with it’s inspirational woman founder Deborah St Louis.

This emagazine taps into the global female empowerment movement that is being supported by important global icons and companies. Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg have recently come out in active support of entrepreneurial women around the world.  It is a movement that we at The Branding Initiative take great passion in: 3 of our founding members are female, with successful careers in their own right and having made the leap from employee to entrepreneur, female empowerment is something that we strongly support.

Millie has been inundated with requests, interview opportunities and requests for advertising space in the magazine. It has far exceeded her expectations and we are all utterly supportive and excited for her!

You can read the first edition, June16, here.

If you are interested in featuring in, advertising in or becoming a sponsor of MilliOnAir, please contact Millie Cooper for details.


What is BPM?


IMG_1531 (1)

When The Branding Initiative was created, it became clear very early that there was a definitive process by which a person brands themselves.  For us there are key stages throughout that process which define the course of action required.

In clearly defining these stages as Branding, Presence and Monetisation, we have been able to categorise a clear set of instructions that our clients can follow without being bombarded by work and without being overwhelmed by too much change.

BPM, therefore, is a series of steps you take to start your personal branding journey.

Branding is predominantly known on a business level, from the companies and organisations we interact with on a daily basis. However, as work preferences shift and more and more people choose an alternative work arrangement to the 9-5, branding on a personal level is becoming 1) more common and 2) necessary. Building a recognisable brand gets you in front of people. People will buy into and trust YOU first and your product or service second. This is what makes your business relationship valuable.

To create relationships, you need to have presence. This is reflective everywhere; online, in meetings, in public. Ensure that your online presence is succinct, you don’t have to be flawless at first, you just have to be there! Review your lifestyle, what you wear, how you hold yourself in public – this is what people see and hear and you want to leave a positive lasting impression.  They say it takes 30 seconds to make a first impression so make those 30 seconds count!

You need to ask yourself what audience are you reaching? Are you networking in the right places to reach that demographic? Are you actively participating in all areas/networks/social media? How often is enough? When you have a strong presence and you are able to analyse your online performance, you are then in a position to monetise your brand.

Monetisation comes from having built up your audience and relationships, to the point where people want to buy into your product or service. You can do this through social media or through active attraction marketing.

At The Branding Initiative we have many clients who join us with no personal branding at all.  These are what we call BPM Ambassadors.  They are assigned to a member of the Leadership team, Chris Windley, KellyAnn Schiavo, Melanie Jones or Millie Cooper and are then mentored through the branding process to become a BPM Mentor.  We have found this to be extremely beneficial as being a mentor in an expert topic has huge bonuses in attraction marketing – the individuals witness a change almost over night.

It makes sense, right? Get your brand spot on, let people know you’ve arrived and then take the opportunity to tell them what you’re about. In doing so, you should see not only your follower numbers increase but also your revenue. However, this depends on YOU. As a BPM ambassador, you are in charge of cultivating your own personal brand but we are there to guide and mentor you along the way.

To find out more about how you can enrol on our BPM program, please contact us and join our Facebook Community page for more information.

How I branded myself in 3 easy steps 


KA iPhoneMay16 347

At the beginning of April, The Branding Initiative received some great news. We were approached by a publisher who had been watching our work and The Branding Initiative book will be out soon with me, KellyAnn Schiavo, co-founder and lead BPM Mentor of The Branding Initiative, as a primary focus. Lead co-founder and Top Digital Strategist and Google Sales Expert, Chris Windley, wrote this absolutely wonderful piece on Linked In to document my experience.

Here’s what he said:

“Kelly Ann will forever have the title of the first Brand, Presence and Monetisation (B.P.M.) Mentor in the world.
In the soon to be released book The Branding Initiative she will be one of the main featured case studies – describing her journey from deciding to start on the B.P.M. process to becoming a B.P.M. Mentor and a co-founder of The Branding Initiative.
It all really got started with a cup of coffee.
I was working with Mindset Mentor Dave O’Connor and for the first time personally attended one of his seminars in London. I had connected with Kelly Ann on social media beforehand and I said that I would see her there.
She came to see me while I was seated at the back with “the Crew” and offered to get me a coffee as she could see I was too busy to get one myself.
A few phone calls and a meeting later and she had decided. It helped that her husband had also told her that she needed to personally brand herself as well and that she had been a blogger in the past.


She understood that “people buy from people” and that she had to be “Known, Liked and Trusted” before people would want to work with her in any capacity – whether that be her network marketing business or any other business.

It also helped that she was working with Dave O’Connor on her mindset. You really need the right mindset to believe that you can become a “Personal Brand”.

Her  website is fabulous and really describes most of the important things that she is interested in and is focused on.


She built her ” Presence” her “Digital Marketing Ecosystem” and immediately started getting questions (engagement) about what she was doing and why. The beginnings of a series of approaches that people made to her. Her Attraction Marketing was working!

People approached her for the things that it was quite obvious that she knew how to do e.g. rebranding, building web/blogsites, social media support, blogging and how to become a B.P.M. Mentor.  Some also wanted to know more about her network marketing business as well.

Whilst a student, She worked in Lidl – itself an innovative company –  in Liverpool and London for many years to support her educational ambitions. With a Masters Degree in Economics, Kelly Ann started her career in The City at Goldman Sachs where she achieved so much.  To pursue her own interests, KellyAnn ended her 15 year career at Goldman Sachs as Compliance Officer – a hugely responsible role.

As soon as she joined BPM she stamped her mark on it and also works with me on celebrity and top speaker and mentor accounts. With her we have developed the Digital Event Management skills that are a leading edge area.


Now Kelly Ann is helping others through the B.P.M. program and speaking about it to our key target markets.  She has also started guest blogging on various leadership related blogs and has agreed to be a Feature blogger forFashions Finest Magazine (2nd biggest event organiser for London Fashion Week).

There will be more on Kelly Ann in the book and you can follow her via her website and social media.

The Branding Initiative Groups are here:  Linkedin Facebook G+ Twitter Instagram

If you are interested in our BPM program or would like to know more about how it works, please contact KellyAnnfor a free consultation.”

So, hard work really pays off right? It took me nine months to turn my career around – not much time at all. If I can do this whilst holding down a 9-5, with two small children, a house to run and life to live, you can too!  Be proud, stand out from the crowd and find your voice!  Get in touch & DO WHAT YOU LOVE.

Written by KellyAnn Schiavo and Chris Windley.